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Cannabis SEO

With over seven years experience in cannabis SEO marketing, Tymber partners with you to generate an ROI for your business that makes sense. Rank first on Google. Rank first on Yelp. Up to 10X the traffic.

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Cannabis SEO Strategies



Search traffic for cannabis brands and dispensaries is rising every day. Tymber designs sniper style strategies to land your business in search results for the most heavily searched cannabis keywords.

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Tymber places products on your menu in organic search results. Tymber can also place product categories in search results too. Searchers click and land on your menu, then spend dollars at your dispensary.

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Tymber tracks the ROI on our SEO efforts in a full custom analytics dashboard. You can see exactly how much additional revenue is driven to your online business as a result of SEO. Now that’s advanced.

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Custom SEO Product Profiles

This feature is where the magic of Tymber really shines through. Using our proprietary native e-commerce system, we build custom SEO profiles for important branded products that customers are searching for.

If your competitors are using an iframe or plugin menu like most dispensaries are, this is not possible for them. iFrame menus for cannabis dispensaries leave revenue on the table for dispensary owners every day because they are invisible to search engines.

Our team builds custom SEO product profiles for your products with the highest search volumes so when customers search for popular cannabis brands and products in your area, your business will come up first. Watch those search results turn into revenue for your business.

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Sniper Style SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a calculated approach to cannabis marketing with a goal of landing on the 1st page of search engines. There are infinite factors and unique strategies involved in a well crafted SEO plan. Tymber distills these strategies down to the most important elements that are essential to marketing for cannabis businesses to deliver a positive ROI.

Web Design

From branding to E-commerce we’ve got you covered with beautiful, natural user interfaces. Tymber creates a truly engaging online presence. Websites designed by cannabis pioneers for cannabis pioneers.

SEO Strategy

At Tymber, we use competitor research, keyphrase analytics, and cannabis industry acumen to build measurable dispensary SEO outcomes for our clients. Let’s talk backlinks, blogs, keyword optimization, and meta data.

Keyphrase Strategy

Keyphrase research is the foundation of a solid SEO strategy. We analyze top performing, high traffic keyphrases. Through strategic planning & content optimization your site can rise to the top of the Google rankings.

Content Creation

Dynamic content is the driver of a successful dispensary marketing strategy. Tymber works alongside your business to create content that inspires visitors of your site to engage, learn, buy, and return. Building your traffic with each post.

link Strategy

An effective link strategy is one of the top three factors in SEO strength signals today. Tymber designs, builds and maintains internal links, external links and backlinks to your site.  Link strategy is a marathon, not a sprint. 


Set your dispensary marketing apart with original copy developed in your dispensary’s voice. At Tymber, we design your content around high volume, heavy traffic keywords that are top performing traffic drivers. 

Traffic analysis

Measure twice, cut once. Tymber has one of a kind strategies to measure dollars driven as a result of SEO efforts. Build on the strategies that drive the most revenue and create a sustainable ecosystem of traffic and revenue.

Reputation Management

Google weights online reviews at 25% importance in it’s search engine ranking algorithm. Reviews are everything. We advocate unique strategies that propel you past your competitors on critical review sites. 


Insane Analytics

Google’s algorithm now has over two hundred factors that it analyzes to decide who to place on the first page of search results. 

At Tymber, we’ve built a full custom dashboard to analyze the most important factors that make up the SEO strength of your business.

Access your custom SEO dashboard 24/7 and receive monthly performance reports right in your inbox to monitor progress. See organic search results turn into revenue on your reports.

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A Custom SEO Strategy

Each and every search engine optimization strategy is and should be unique. Unique features of the business, the territory, the audience and the market size require a calculated approach in order to be successful.

We design a customized SEO strategy for your business that is cost effective and uses common sense economics. Tymber provides expert insights to help you make informed decisions about your search engine marketing strategy. Go beyond just basic SEO features with premium add on strategies for competitive markets. 

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Directory Syncing

Did you know there are over 1,600 directory websites where you can list your business information to be found on the internet? Don’t freak out. You don’t have to be listed on all 1,600 of those, but we have identified around 50 websites you should absolutely be listed on to be considered a relevant business in the cannabis space. Tymber lists your business on directories and maintains those directories.

Boost traffic with special events search engine results

Did you know Google can learn about special events your business is hosting. Google can also take those events and publish them on search engine results to accelerate awareness and ticket sales for your event.

Tymber leverages special events search engine marketing to gain more traffic for your business and more attendance at your events.

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Will you be found in the future?

There are over 1 billion voice searches per month as of 2018 data. Over 35% of millennials use voice-enabled digital assistants at least monthly.

Tymber infuses your cannabis business into data centers to make sure your business is found through voice search on Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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Our Tymber SEO professionals are experienced cannabis SEO snipers that have been landing cannabis businesses on the first page of search engines for over 7 years. Ask us how in a no-obligation demo of our SEO strategies.