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Text marketing is sometimes overlooked in the marketing mix even though it’s a powerful tool for your dispensary. It’s so effective because it has the capacity to reach a highly sought-after demographic (the young, hip, disposable income, tech-oriented) who are rarely without their phones. Statistics show that text messages are opened more often than emails and are also more likely to convert, so using it as a marketing strategy should be obvious to the savvy marketer.

Text Marketing is Flexible

One main benefit to the marketer using this platform is that it’s very flexible. It can be launched quickly and adapted to every kind of campaign, including visual ads, product and event promotions, sales, and clickable links. These are the elements that make text marketing so effective for the cannabis industry.

A clever cannabis dispensary marketer will devise a marketing strategy that incorporates calculated text marketing campaigns that result in:

  • Community engagement
  • Ability to cross-pollinate with other platforms using links
  • Real-time reach and analytics

text marketing

Mind your Manners

Something to consider is that the best text marketing strategy involves collecting a qualified contact list for campaign deployment. It’s best to use mobile numbers that were voluntarily provided rather than purchasing lists of unqualified leads. This requires planning and implementing opportunities to collect this information. One way to go about this is to ask customers if they want to receive text messages from the dispensary when they complete their initial intake form. When the customer opts into a program they are more likely to participate in it.

Another point of etiquette to remember for text marketing to be successful is timing. This is a platform that can be way overdone and actually hurt your reputation. Creating a campaign schedule that considers leaning toward the least annoying times of the day to interrupt someone’s life with a text is the goal. For instance, unless you’re selling tacos, deploying a text marketing campaign at dinner time might turn people off.

Also, the frequency can become a problem if the texts are being sent too often without any real benefit to the receiver. All text marketing campaigns should benefit the customer in some way or the dispensary will find that customers will start opting out of the program and the reach of those campaigns will be diminished.

If done well, text marketing is one powerful marketing tool. With the ability to reach people in real time with a fluid message it has the potential to increase community loyalty and engagement, promote sales, and provide analytics. Contact our team of marketing experts to discuss a text marketing strategy for your dispensary today.