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Managing a cannabis dispensary website can be overwhelming. Content, shopping carts, delivery, chat features, there’s a lot to juggle. That’s why a lot of dispensaries forget to implement a reputation management strategy, even though it’s the number one way to connect to their customers.

Reputation Management Builds Community

A reputation management strategy is a tactical communication approach that involves responding to questions and comments customers leave on the website’s curated content and social channels. The purpose of interacting with the comments is to build a community and trust in the brand.

  • Shows the online community that a company is responsive and engaged
  • Gives the dispensary an opportunity to rectify negative situations
  • Provides the dispensary a way to educate their customers
  • Over time, if done right, it will improve a sites search engine rankings

It’s important to make reputation management an integral part of the dispensaries’ online marketing strategy. By creating an opportunity for customers to express their opinions and get prompt feedback, the brand becomes dependable. Once a brand becomes dependable, it’s customers become loyal. Well done reputation management provides a forum for the dispensary to communicate in real time the personality of the dispensary and how they treat their customers.

Consistency and Professionalism are Key

There are a couple of things that need to happen for the reputation management strategy to be effective:

  1. It needs to be a consistent part of the website management tasks list
  2. The person tasked with reputation management needs to have good follow through, grammar, a professional demeanor, and the ability to represent the dispensary with accuracy and excellence.

All in all, prioritizing reputation management could end up being one smart cannabis dispensary management decision, considering the capacity to build brand loyalty and improve your SEO at the same time. Call us today to discuss how our team of cannabis industry professionals can help you build an engaged community of brand loyal customers with a thriving reputation management strategy.