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One of the best ways to promote a cannabis business is through the dispensary website and the use of the Google suite of digital marketing tools. Google My Business feature is one of the most flexible and effective dispensary marketing strategies. It also has the capacity to drive local SEO.

Make Yourself Easy to Find

Google provides a free business profile that makes it easier for potential customers to find your store. Through Google My Business a cannabis website can be found on Google search and maps, therefore increasing local SEO for the dispensary. The listing can be built out with store location, hours of operation, directions, and contact info. 

Google My Business platform promotes local SEO and it offers so much more. Once a cannabis business becomes listed, an array of marketing options become available. This interface can be used to craft ads, event announcements, and new products and offers through the “posts” area. In addition, images can be added that will appear in Google images and link back to the dispensary website. All of these digital assets drive digital traffic to the cannabis dispensary website and make it easier for a potential customer to walk through the storefront door.

Share Campaigns on Social Platforms

Furthermore, by utilizing the posts section of Google My Business, one can share campaigns with social media accounts. This compounds the reach of these campaigns. It also saves the time it would take to post to each social media platform separately. The posts can be linked to shopping carts to drive product awareness and promote sales.

The most attractive element of Google My Business is that it’s integrated with all of the other Google assets. This allows for seamless analytics and reporting features related to digital marketing efforts. In addition to seeing more traffic to your website, you’ll also be able to measure it too. Analytics help identify which campaigns are performing best and where resources should be allocated for the best ROI.

Smart Solution that Improves Local SEO

Google My Business is a smart solution for your cannabis business that can improve local SEO and campaign reach through search and social channels. It’s a tool that can help marketing managers launch integrated campaigns and measure outcomes. Our Tymber team of Google experts will help you get the most out of your digital marketing strategy, contact us today to discuss Google My Business and your marketing goals.