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When cannabis delivery software is incorporated into dispensary operations it can improve efficiency and save money. This digital solution can process orders, payments, routes, and tracking so you can focus on what’s important, your customer.

cannabis delivery softwareNo. 1  – Integrated sales hub

One obvious benefit of implementing cannabis delivery software is that it combines sales, marketing, operations, and reporting into one manageable, real-time cannabis e-commerce platform for a dispensary owner. This helps with planning and decision making processes and meeting pre-determined KPI’s. A great delivery process will have the ability to track the order fulfillment from incoming to dispatch to final delivery.

The reporting capability of digital delivery solutions can deliver trustworthy intelligence that reveals a lot about the performance of the delivery team on any given day. That can be used to make adjustments and improve productivity, reduce waste, and increase profits.

No. 2 – Customer convenience

Your dispensary will have an opportunity to provide excellent service to existing customers and reach out to new ones with an online sales and delivery hub. Cannabis customers will enjoy the convenience of accessing your online menu and placing an order for delivery from their desktop, phone, or tablet. This is especially helpful for medical patients and those who have difficulty leaving their home.

Another advantage of using a cannabis software platform is that it communicates real-time logistics back to management so that real-time adjustments can be made and outcomes can be improved for customer satisfaction.

No. 3 – Real-time delivery features & route optimization

As if platform flexibility and customer convenience aren’t enough of a reason to implement a cannabis delivery software solution, let’s take a look at the logistics perspective:

  • Replacing outdated delivery operations with GPS integrated software helps drivers make faster deliveries and more efficient use of time and fuel.
  • Real-time delivery features enable the software to track delivery vehicles, predict the delivery time, send progress alerts to the customer, and keep everyone in the chain accountable.
  • The ability to optimize routes based on real-time GPS data is a game changer from the way things were done in the past, involving actual mapping (with an actual map) the most efficient route.

Once a cannabis delivery software solution is in place, the dispensary owner is in a better position to make informed decisions that can help scale the company. A convenient user experience, real-time routing, and delivery data are all reasons why you need it in your business plan. Our team of smart solutions providers help you navigate the digital landscape to hand pick platforms that work best for the cannabis industry, and best for you.