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The cannabis industry has to be a lot more creative when it comes to marketing products and services than other commercial enterprises have to be. That’s because marijuana is still considered to be a schedule 1 drug by the Federal government and therefore advertising opportunities have been limited so far. For cannabis pioneers, this just means It’s important to optimize the cannabis marketing strategies that do exist. Try these 6 tips to drive conversions.

No. 1 – Blog Baby Blog

Publishing a keyword optimized blog on a regular schedule is a great way to engage your customers, provide value, and promote a user environment that’s most likely to convert. When your customers trust you as a cannabis authority, they are more likely to subscribe, download, or buy now from your site.

cannabis marketingNo. 2 – Tune up your Local SEO

Local SEO is really important if you have a brick and mortar shop or serve a certain region. Making sure your listings are accurate in the search engines can improve your page ranking and help your customers find you online and in person.

No. 3 – Use Descriptive Navigation

Descriptive navigation communicates with your target audience more effectively which reduces bounce rate from your site and improves SEO. When the customer experience is efficient they are more likely to perform the desired behavior.

No. 4 – Use social media

Even though opportunities to buy paid advertising have been limited for cannabis companies, it’s still possible to use social media to market your cannabis dispensary and delivery service. Link social accounts to your website and start telling your story and building a loyal community.

No. 5 – Call to Action is key

Remember to include a call to action into your web pages, blog posts, display ads, social media, and anything else you do to reach out to the cannabis community. Letting your audience know what to do and giving them a seamless way to do it leads to conversions.

No. 6 – Add in urgency

It’s human nature to react when we feel like time is running out, and that impulse works well to boost conversions. Adding content that reflects urgency can encourage desired behaviors, i.e. add to cart, download, subscribe. For example, “Sale Ends Tomorrow” or “One Week Only” is content that can drive consumer decisions and sales.

Developing cannabis marketing that builds community and effectively utilizes resources, creating a clear funnel for conversions to occur, can be tricky business. Our team of designers, developers, and marketers have the chops to climb that hill. We want to pull out all of the stops to help you achieve your outreach goals, call us today.